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  Warning: improper selection, installation or maintenance of a hose assembly, may result in

Premature failures, serious bodily injury, or property damage.

The following practices should be used when replacing a hydraulic hose assembly or installing a new hydraulic assembly.


Conduct per-installation inspection, including the following:

Check to insure the hose is the correct specification in style, size and length.

Check that the hose assembly has no visible nonconformity.

Check fittings for any damage including nicks or burrs.

Check that the hose is routed properly using suggested guidelines.

Check that the hose is not damaged (kinked, crushed, twisted).

Handle assembly with care Do not bend hose beyond the recommended bend radius.

Hose assemblies should not be installed in a torqued or twisted condition.

Use necessary restraints and protective devices when necessary to reduce wear and stress points on the assembly.

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